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This message is for all
Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:02 pm by washalentong
For all registered member, guest that planning to join and for the MODERATORS ....

This announcement could be a announcement or a WARNING to you,.

Some members in the forum just replying to the threads just to run or make their post counts many. I noticed some member bumping posts such as saying nonsense things to the thread.

As admin i giving reminder to all of you don't bump post.
I RECOMMEND to all moderators and to the members ,, START making a WORTHY thread so for the addition of threads to the sections to be replied by new members or by any rank of members..

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For New commers read this first
Sat May 30, 2009 8:24 am by washalentong
credit to takashi19

Hey everyone and welcome to, the board of Uniting Filipinos around the world. This board was exclusively made by washalentong.
The main goal of this board is to unite Filipinos from any root or background. This board aims to be a gateway to make You, an
unknown person in this world, to be acquainted with fellow Filipinos
that you can call friends and maybe, even develop intimate
relationships with them such as a second family or maybe even something
that involves love. Anything can happen in this board, so it's up to
you, but please do take note the following :

1. )
Millions of people are here in the world wide web, so please be careful
on who you mingle with. Among the millions of people, there are always
thousands of people with bad intention.

2. …

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PinoyNation New News
Sat May 30, 2009 6:36 am by washalentong
Whats new in PinoyNation?

  • Point System enabled
  • Disclaimer | Rules and Regulation are now published
  • Portal Page now open

  • Point System enabled, now you can recieve points in posting, by clicking thanks button and many more. In this new feature you can give gift of points to your friends. The feature is enable so we can know how much you are active in this site. The point system named as PinoyPoints and you can see your points bellow of avatar in every message youve done, and you can see this feature in you profile.

  • Portal Page is now opened for us to know whats the latest in the forum and you can entertain yourself in the games …

[ Full reading ]
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