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 Rules and Regulation ver.1.2

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulation ver.1.2   Fri May 29, 2009 3:07 pm

A. Disclaimer

  • This site doesn't store any transferable file to its server. Any posts of individual has a acting rights to be criticized.
  • All individual posts and threads takes no liability of the staffs and Administrator of the PinoyNation.

B.1. Major | Permanent Ban

  1. Hacking the admin panel password will automatically receive a permanent ban to the suspicious or detected member who hacked the ADMIN PANEL!

B.2. General Rules

  1. We accept opinion, not behaviors or language that is not tolerated.
  2. Use the Search Button before posting to avoid duplication of the post/ thread.
  3. Say no to racism and no to harassment
  4. Post Threads in proper section, else the thread will be deleted or moved to proper section or forum.
  5. Respect anyone in the forum, especially the orders of the staffs.
  6. Advertising of other sites or forums in direct forms
    (e.g. url to be redirected to the sites) are not allowed in the forum else you will receive infraction message or ban.
  7. Links that needed to be shared that coming from other site must be enclosed by [code] tag. Must all ensure it is valid but remember never advertise other forum or site without permision.
  8. If having problems in other member and in the post never confront the member causing, use the report button or PM directly the moderators for solutions.
  9. Be active member. Make your post many as possible but always think if your post is worthy no just for post count.
  10. We are not tolerating solicitation or post downloads that needed with a change in a form of cash.
  11. Always remember, avoid spam messages.
  12. If the post helps you or provides you better information, better to click thank button or post a reply THANKS post.
  13. Nudity are not allowed here, pics must be covered with censor.
  14. Foul languages are not allowed to be used in any part of the forum. English or any Languages has no exemption.

C. Signature Limits

  1. Signature is limited in dimension of 450*180
  2. Signature must not contain nude materials.
  3. Blood and Gore (explict) content signature are not allowed to be placed in the signature.
  4. Text lines is limited for 5 lines only to avoid large signature.
  5. Only two image must use in the signature, Userbar and Signature are only allowed in the signature box
  6. No advertisement of other site in the content of the signature.
D. Avatar Limitations

  1. Avatar size must be no exceed in 1mb+ to avoid lag in merging in to forum avatar size.
  2. Avatar dimension is limited, if you exceed the limit the site will give notification for that.
  3. No offensive theme to the avatar.
  4. No nude or stripped clothes in the avatar.
  5. Blood and Gore images are not allowed
E. Proper Posting

  1. Do not bump other threads or post
  2. Do not Spam Thread / post. Spam Threads are highly punishable by the staff of PinoyNation
  3. No p*rn content must be posted in the content of the Thread
  4. Always post the information of the thread (screen caps, specification for products, etc..)
  5. Always give credit to the original site or poster of the copied thread especially to the thread that is copied to other site.
  6. Always take advantage in using of EDIT button in editing the post to avoid double post or reposting of the thread.
  7. Do not post non-sense replies including "ui bago ..." "una ako" or post just containing smilies
  8. Flaming and Cursing to other member are not allowed.
  9. Bumping threads/ Dead thread are not allowed
  10. Acceptable advertisable site are:

  • file sharing site
  • file sharing links (must enclosed with tag [code])
  • Any Educational sites
  • Sites worth to share with (forums no acceptable)
  • Photobucket
  • Imageshack
  • Forum Server Providers
  • game sites to be shared
11. Non-acceptable Ads sites:

  • Friendster personal profile
  • other forums
  • other blogs
  • links redirected to other forums
  • Porn sites
  • Gore sites
  • hacking sites
  • fake login sites
  • facebook
  • any social sites excluding our site
F. File Sharing Sections

  1. The given links must be valid not dead-link.
  2. If the link is dead, reply properly to the thread or request the shared file to the REQUEST SECTIONS.
  3. Always include the mirror links of the file shared if possible.
  4. Links must not redirected to the posts in other forum sites or other blog sites.
  5. Only use file sharing site listed bellow*: rapidshare {RS} megaupload {MU} megashare {MS} uploadings {UP}
  6. Always use tags in the title of th thread (e.g. {RS}bla bla)
  7. Always post the file sharing post in file sharing section
  8. Always perform the [code]tag to your file sharing link to avoid direct link redirection (e.g. [code]bla[/code]
WARNING system

  1. In our site warning System you will receive a private message containing the infraction reasons and the evidence.
  2. You will take 2 warning before ban
  3. Immediate Ban if the reason is major or highly offensive
  4. If staff defiance the rules, they will receive a PM warning, or direct demotion.

How to be staff?

  1. We do not allowed requesting the Staff especially the Administrator for ranking up in special member, we will just promote you if we see a great contribution to us coming from you. We will just PM you in case of promotion


If the rules is not suffiecient, be vigilant, and suggest for more rules in suggestion section.



sorry for the sig (washalentongP.U.) because it came
from my other site
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Rules and Regulation ver.1.2
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